Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous

From 6 June, 2015, to 10 January, 2016

Palazzo Dugnani, via Manin 2, Milan, Italy

An exhibition by the

Comune di Milano

Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano

National Geographic Society

The University of Chicago


Curators of the Italian edition: Cristiano Dal Sasso and Simone Maganuco

The highlight of this exhibition is Spinosaurus. Not only is it the largest predatory dinosaur known to have existed (it was 15 meters long), but it is also the only known semi-aquatic dinosaur. The exhibition describes recent discoveries, the studies that have allowed us to reconstruct a whole skeleton, and the environment in which the spinosaur lived.

A brief outline of the exhibition

  • European debut - set up for EXPO 2015 in Milan - of the exhibition on the largest known predatory dinosaur
  • Skeletal reconstructions, among which a 15-meter-long Spinosaurus
  • 'Fleshed-out' life-sized dinosaur models, including of the Spinosaurus
  • Reconstructions of the environment and fauna of the dinosaur age, the most dangerous in the history of Earth.
  • An exciting account of the discoveries made
  • 95-million-year-old fossil exhibits
  • Multimedia installations
  • Behind-the-scenes and making-of stories
  • Conferences and dedicated meetings with palaeontologists and artists
  • A focus on the food chains of the past
  • An account of the palaeontological research carried out at the Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano
  • Guided tours and trips to laboratories